What is the difference between a Dante® quarter-turn ball valve and globe valve?

♦ Dante® 1/4- turn ball valves turn a quarter turn from the “on” position to the “off” position.  (e.g., from 12:00 to 3:00)

♦ Dante® globe valves turn several revolutions from the “on” position to the “off” position.

Are your valves certified?

♦ Dante® valves are CSA 9.1 certified ANSI Z21.15

What is the BTU rating on your valves and log lighters?

♦ Dante® 3/4″ straight ball valve – 300,000 BTU rating

♦ Dante® 1/4-turn straight ball valve – 158,000 BTU rating

♦ Dante® 1/4-turn angled ball valve – 98,000 BTU rating

♦ Dante® straight globe valve – 81,700 BTU rating

♦ Dante® angled globe valve – 107,625 BTU rating

♦ Dante® 611.U.LP (Liquid Propane) Log Lighter – 19,000 BTU rating

♦ Dante® 611.U.NG (Natural Gas) Log Lighter – 25,000 BTU Rating

What are your valves made of?

♦ Dante® 1/4-turn ball valves are made from forged brass

♦ Dante® globe valves are machined from solid brass bar stock

Do you carry 3/4″ valves that use a key?

♦ Yes, we offer part #BVS2 which is a full port straight ball valve that is CSA listed for high output applications.

My floor plate won’t reach my valve. Do you carry extensions?

♦ Yes. We carry nipples and couplings which can facilitate most installations.

I don’t know how to light my pilot, what do I do?

♦ Please, call your plumbing contractor!  Every home has varying installations.  Without being present to ensure there are no underlying safety issues that need to be addressed, we cannot offer advice on why your fireplace may not be operating.

My valve is leaking gas, what do I do?

♦ Shut your gas off immediately.

♦ Call your plumbing contractor to inspect and address the issue.

♦ Call local gas supplier.